Over 30 years of support

PEI Citizen Advocacy is a community-based non-profit organization that has matched volunteer advocates with community members who have intellectual disabilities for over 30 years.

What does PEI Citizen Advocacy do?

In addition to recruiting advocates from the community, PEI Citizen Advocacy:

  • Provides support for each match
  • Promotes Citizen Advocacy in the community
  • Provides short-term crisis advocacy; and
  • Partners with other organizations to improve the quality of life for Islanders who have an intellectual disability.

Our Goals

Here at PEI Citizen Advocacy, we strive to:

  • Enable individuals who have been labeled intellectually disabled to live fuller lives with the same choices as others.
  • Involve competent volunteer advocates as friends and supporters in the lives of citizens who have been labeled intellectually disabled.
  • Operate a program that is independent and autonomous in order to assure the advocate freedom from conflict of interest while acting on their friend’s behalf.
  • Develop a more supportive and open community which embraces diversity with respect to intellectual disability.

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