Board of Directors

PEI Citizen Advocacy would not be where it is today without the help and guidance of its board members. Here, you can learn more about the people that made Citizen Advocacy what it is today.

Board President - Twilah Stone

Twilah Stone, Board President

Twilah Stone’s biggest goal for PEI Citizen Advocacy is to never forget why PEICA is here, and that the organization continues to respond to Islanders who live with an intellectual disability by matching them with appropriate people (Advocates) who can help to provide support, advocacy, and friendship. She also dreams about the organization expanding its work by creating more matches all across the Island.

Twilah has had many memorable experiences over the years. Her involvement runs deep with this organization. She enjoys serving on the Board of Directors but would have to say that by far, she gains the most satisfaction whenever she is able to help her protégé achieve her goals towards greater independence and true inclusion in her community.

Twilah has been involved in the lives of people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability for many years; as a parent, a front-line worker, a corporate and personal advocate, and a college instructor. While some of her work has come and gone, her passion for helping people remains steadfast. PEI Citizen Advocacy remains one of her ongoing commitments towards creating attitudinal change and full citizenship for all.

Joan McDonald, RSW – Vice President

Joan McDonald’s vision for PEI Citizen Advocacy is to become more responsive to the social engagement needs of people with intellectual disabilities by ensuring that the organization is able to make matches that are mutually fulfilling and sustainable. Her second goal is to ensure that when someone with an intellectual disability finds themselves alone in a crisis, they are able to turn to PEICA for a timely and community-resourced solution and support.

Over the years Joan has been a crisis advocate. In doing this work, Joan has come to realize that Citizen Advocacy not only helps those they directly serve to develop friendships but in doing so, creates attitudinal, organizational, and systemic change in our community that benefits all islanders.

Joan’s personal values and beliefs about relationships, empowerment, and mutual sharing and caring, are highly reflected, and aligned with those of Citizen Advocacy. Because of this, she has held a long-standing passion and commitment for the work of the organization.

Carson GreerTreasurer

Carson Greer is working towards stabilizing government funding, creating more annual fundraising events, and adding more matches across all of PEI.

He enjoys working with his daughter and fellow board members to host online auctions that have had great success in fundraising for PEI Citizen Advocacy. He enjoys meeting with fellow board members who were once, and are currently proteges. He feels that there are so many things to learn from others, just by listening.

Carson works as an accountant and is married with 2 grown children. He was once an NHL scout, and in his spare time, he enjoys playing music, golfing, playing ball hockey, going 4-wheeling, reading, and learning new things.

Jane MacIsaacBoard of Directors Member

Jane MacIsaac joined the board in 2019 while studying Science at UPEI. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to her community, she also looks forward to helping PEICA continue to grow for many more years to come.

When asked about her experiences with working at PEICA, she fondly reflects on her first meeting with Cassie and Mike, two fellow members of the board. They shared with her their early life experiences with their families and she was struck when she asked what made the difference between a good home and otherwise.

They were both very quick with their answer; love. She had thought that good food, their own room, or some other need would take precedence, but their clarity and wisdom had humbled her. She has learned much along the way and is grateful for their friendship.

Jane’s hope for the future is that PEICA will be able to support many more matches throughout Prince Edward Island and that they continue to provide support for those in our community in need of it.

Shannon FarrellBoard of Directors Member

Shannon is a lawyer in private practice with Key Murray Law. She lives in Charlottetown with her husband and loves to kayak, canoe, hike, camp, and go backpacking.

She is new to PEI Citizen Advocacy and is very excited to have the opportunity to serve on the board. Shannon believes that our entire community is strengthened when we all work to improve the quality of life of all of its members and that PEICA offers a unique form of support to its proteges. The promotion of inclusion, companionship, and independence; she is happy to be part of it.

Leo Garland, Board of Directors Member

Leo has been with PEI Citizen Advocacy for over 25 years. Once a protege, now Leo works with his fellow board members to help create new matches for people that need friendship and support. He also helps to push for more awareness in the community for people living with intellectual disabilities.

He has many fond memories of working with PEICA, including the 25th-anniversary celebration that was hosted at the Haviland Club. It was a great day, with the biggest turnout and a huge showing of support from the community.

Leo hopes to see PEI Citizen Advocacy expand in the future, with perhaps a new location being opened up on the island that could reach out and offer support to even more islanders that live with intellectual disabilities.

Mike McAleer, Board of Directors Member

Mike has worked with PEI Citizen Advocacy for over 20 years. He shares with Leo his start as a protege, and also now works with his fellow board members to help create new matches for PEICA, as well as doing some recruitment.

He has many great memories of working with PEICA, but he enjoys when he is able to recruit new members to Citizen Advocacy.

Mike hopes to see PEI Citizen Advocacy grow even more in the future, which can help more people and create new lifelong friendships.